Search Engine Optimization

– Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a website today.


So, how can your website be different from the plethora of websites on the internet? What makes your website unique?

The answer is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It is a process or a tool to help your brand generate organic traffic and leads. The competition is cut throat. A website which is not optimised is a mere placeholder. Don’t believe when someone says they can build a website at the cheapest price. Check about the pain points it addresses because the amount you spend on a website is directly proportional to the various problems it solves and the ROI it gives

Technical SEO Analysis is the microscope we use

Website architecture is a critical factor in the success of SEO efforts. A structured website brings more success not only from search engines but also from your audience. You might be aware that the search engines use crawl to study the websites. When your website is clean technically and the navigation is good your website automatically becomes more accessible. Hence, a technical SEO analysis is counted as the first step in SEO strategy.


Keywords are nothing but the bait websites use to hook the target audience. It is about identifying the key terms they are searching for and if you get them right you are already a successful website. These keywords depend on various factors like relevance, volume and competition.

You can leverage the SEO when you are clear about the key terms you need. An optimised content will have a core term and various related terms webbed around it. Leave it to the experts and we make your website an SEO favorite with all the relevance, information that is needed to promote user engagement.


Keyword relevance is a determining factor for search engines. However they also consider inbound links to a website. Not any links as the quality of the backlinks matters the most. They automatically make a website rank higher when they are coming from different and authoritative sources. We see that your website has more quality backlinks which further improves the organic rankings of your website on the search engines.

Our strategies help your brand to achieve great results from the organic traffic your website generates. There are various methods to achieve that like on-page optimization and off-page optimization and it is not a one time effort. Once a website is fully optimized it helps generate 5 to 10 times results over a period of time.