Social Media Marketing

– Do you think uploading a post is Social Media Marketing?

The answer is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It is a process or a tool to help your brand generate organic traffic and leads. The competition is cut throat. A website which is not optimised is a mere placeholder. Don’t believe when someone says they can build a website at the cheapest price. Check about the pain points it addresses because the amount you spend on a website is directly proportional to the various problems it solves and the ROI it gives


It always works. Key is to avoid making it monotonous and keeping it fresh. Audiences always like to see creative and engaging content. Just like you and me. When it is positioned right across various channels it helps in creating a great brand image and generated content with the brand's audiences.

Just note the results are not always immediate. Many times, content stays with the audiences and builds an indirect brand recall value as well. We at Idzigns create content strategies in sync with your business and goals

The strategy here is simple. You can use the 5 wives one husband technique if you are aware of it.
For those of you who are not aware it is a technique that users 5 W (Who, Why, Where, What and When) questions and one H (How) question to arrive at a solution.As your strategic partners we help you arrive at answers to the key questions like your reach, best channels that work for you, the kind of engagement suitable for your brand and the goals measurement.